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Building Internal Capability in your Organization

The challenges of today's business environments require organizations to design and implement the structures, processes, and systems that allow their people to flourish—and needs to encourage appropriate change and growth in order to keep up with the competitive marketplace.

As a result of these changing environments, individuals and ultimately their organizations need different internal competencies to compete. These environments demand more strategic responses and direction that is focused. They also need the ability to change. An increasing awareness of organizational values and the impact of culture have made it even more challenging to lead effectively. Even more importantly, there is a much greater understanding of the organization as a “system”; interdependent and necessary elements of the organization are intertwined and connected in a variety of ways and means.

Ultimately, there is more emphasis on change leadership … the ability to inspire and influence organizational members differently, to grow the business and to build adaptability and resilience into the organizations we design and the individuals that fill them. A direct result is that organizations are beginning to emphasize and understand more fully the need for highly engaging and collaborative approaches; ones that engage all members of the organization in their individual development, and development and that improves the way the business operates.

This has resulted in changes in the knowledge and skills that are required to achieve organizational success. Internal practitioners, regardless of their functional roles, must concentrate more intentionally on developing their people internally to optimize the resources they have available to them.

Not only is what people need to know changing, the way we develop our internal resources requires a different level of focus as well. There is enough data to suggest that the “dipping” method of learning has not produced competency shifts that are sustainable over time. Human beings are by nature creatures of habit; and ingrained beliefs and habits do not disappear as a result of days crammed with information and that promise you will completely change your way of operating after one or two days.

There is an alternative however;

…extended learning processes that link learning to real-time application.

The discipline and practice of organization development have never been more critical. HR business partners are increasingly called upon to improve the structures, systems, and processes that impact people and performance. And organizations that aspire to greatness are increasingly turning to their HR business partners to help them get there.

The way we develop our human resources is changing as well. That’s why we believe in the philosophy and practice of extended learning processes.

We believe that:

  • People learn best when they are a part of something bigger than just themselves; so, we use learning communities as a way to connect people to the learning process.
  • Adults bring a level of complexity with them into any learning situation; so, if you want them to learn, you have to acknowledge and integrate what they already know.

For more than twenty years, we have worked with HR organizations and human resources professionals to strengthen and develop their practitioner skills. We design and lead extended learning processes, we are excited to continue branding our learning processes for HR practitioners under The Practitioner of Change™ banner. We have focused our attention on human resources practitioners and leaders - two of the critical roles within organizations. HR, partnered with the business can hugely impact organization effectiveness.

But HR practitioners need the skills to do this…

The Practitioner of Change is designed to build just those skills; to practically introduce you to a variety of theories, practices and applications designed specifically to help you become a top performing contributor and that ultimately, strengthens your organization. POC™ is designed specifically to address the increasing need for HR practitioners to have strong business partnering and organizational skills that can be accessed and used real-time. That’s why we subscribe and deeply believe in the philosophy and practice of extended learning processes.

We call it the Practitioner of Change™ for a reason. We believe that an organization’s ultimate success directly linked to the people it has; not only what they do but how they go about doing it. Organization processes can be replicated; technical systems can be copied but people are truly the unique competitive resources you have access to. How well individuals use their personal attributes for the mutual benefit of themselves and the organization is often a function of effective leaders and HR processes. In this regard, HR has the potential for substantial power and influence throughout the organization. As one of the few business units that ultimately touch all parts of the organization, HR practitioners, through their work in various parts of the organization and behalf of the entire system can facilitate productive business and human resource growth.

We have integrated philosophy and beliefs about learning and our experience in developing adult's right into the Practitioner of Change™ learning process. It has been tried and tested in many different organization environments and the POC™ platform works when it comes to building significant internal capability in individuals and ultimately, their organizations. The Practitioner of Change™ learning process will build your business partnering skills and will result in you driving real business results with your clients on behalf of HR.

The Practitioner of Change™ is designed to:

- Expose you to a wide variety of theories, practices and applications to help you become a top performing contributor and ultimately, to strengthen your organization.

- Meet the increasing demand for HR professionals to have and use strong organizational developmental skills inside their organization and to really partner with their business clients.

POC™ is very portable; that is, the content and process is adaptable to many different cultures and organization environments. It has been implemented in global cultures and has passed the test.

Are you curious and wanting to learn more….click on “What is POC™” for a more detailed process overview.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape but in having new eyes.”
- Marcel Proust

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